Chat interfaces were never designed to handle complex transactions such as purchases, appointments or long-form surveys. Conversation Extensions let you create custom interactive overlays for any use case, on any channel, to deliver frictionless customer experiences.

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Reduce friction, elevate the user experience

Friction-filled experiences mean aborted conversations, poor reviews and missed revenue opportunities. Conversation Extensions combine the intimacy and context of conversational interfaces with the richness and flexibility of traditional UIs for a seamless experience.

Increase task completion and conversion rates

Conversation Extensions are built with standard web technologies so you can design and A/B test for various customer segments; add analytics to track behaviors, completion rates or abandonments; and feed the data collected into your existing CRM and marketing software.

Monetize messaging channels more easily

Bring tried-and-true customer experiences and revenue streams into the conversational space. Deliver complex but intuitive multi-step workflows across all messaging channels to enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue opportunities for the business.

Every use case has an extension

Businesses use Conversation Extensions for purchases, surveys, appointments, maps, multi-selects, rich formatting, and more.

  • Checkout forms

  • Multi-selection

  • NPS surveys

  • Product details

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Seat selection

  • Chat surveys

  • Product configurators

  • Detailed list views

Want to see sample code for some of these examples?

Code once, run on any messaging channel.

Leverage web standards you've already mastered. Repurpose existing code from your website and web apps.

Conversation Extensions are compatible with any messaging channel and context-aware so you can deliver the most personalized and intimate conversational experiences.

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