Most enterprise business systems don’t play nicely with one another. Sunshine Conversations harmonizes disconnected software through the power of conversation, allowing businesses to enhance customer interactions using bots, AI, analytics and other third-party applications.

Integrate and orchestrate

Integrate all your products into Sunshine Conversations's unified conversation pipeline, from sales to service to marketing clouds, and orchestrate how they access and contribute to any user conversation.

Build an ecosystem of apps

From bots and sentiment analyzers to language translation and surveys, build an ecosystem of apps on top of Sunshine Conversations that can contribute to and learn from every conversation.

Manage bot-to-human handoffs

Easily enable bot-human handoffs within your software, regardless of whether the bot was built by you or a third-party.

Make your bots smarter

Improve the conversational intelligence of your bots by leveraging insights from third-party sentiment analyzers, intent detectors and other AI.

Connect your software with third-party tools for better customer experience

Connected software can both listen to the conversation and enhance it, making every message more context-aware and human than the last, even when coming from a bot.

Bot integration & handoff

Easily connect bots to your software

Use chatbots to triage and automate customer support interactions, looping in human agents at the right time, for the right customers.

See it in action

Language translation

Automatically translate messages into other languages

Add a translation engine to the conversation stream to serve international customers in their native tongue.

Natural Language Understanding

Augment messages with intent and sentiment data

Integrate intent detectors and sentiment analyzers to give human agents and bots the context they need to personalize customer interactions.

Third-party apps

Trigger actions at the right time

Allow a third-party survey tool, ecommerce bot or any other interactive app to eavesdrop on the conversation and deploy on cue, armed with the context it needs to engage.